A little bit about us and our company

We are based in Guildford, UK. We started this company after years of supporting and maintaining websites for family and friends who were running small businesses. We could see how busy they were with their businesses:

  • doing all the sale and marketing
  • quoting for the work
  • doing the work
  • doing the accounting
  • and just about everything in between

When it came to managing and updating their website to keep up with their business and customers needs, they neither had the time nor expertise to do it. When they tried to do it, it took them too long and sometimes it was too difficult, so they just let their websites go. Having worked for consultancies which were building and maintaining websites used by thousands of people for clients such as Coca-Cola, Aviva Investors, Kew Gardens and the like, we stepped in to help out. We knew that having a well supported and maintained website would really help their business shine online and it would bolster their campaigns and marketing initiatives.

So that is what we did! We got to work and started supporting and maintaining their websites on a regular basis. Within a few months, they started to see an impact in their marketing and promotional campaigns. They got increased enquiries and bookings for their services and products, something which was not happening before. Their existing customers were impressed too and started using their websites whenever they needed their services because they knew their website would be up to date.

We really enjoyed working with them and even more so, to see the impact their websites were having on their small businesses. So we thought, hey, why don’t we do this for other small businesses! An idea was born and that is what we do today.

What can we do for your WordPress website and your business?

We offer the Essential WordPress Support Plan, under this plan we manage, support and maintain absolutely everything to do with your website. Listed below is just a few of the things which we do under our support plan:

  • We host your website on our super fast UK web hosting, which is highly optimised for WordPress websites
  • You get a free .co.uk domain
  • SSL Certificate
  • We update WordPress core, Theme and Plugins which are vital to making sure that your website is secure
  • We take daily backups of your website
  • We protect your website 24/7 from hackers, malware and viruses
  • We monitor the performance of your website 24/7 and make sure it’s performing at the highest levels
  • We make sure your website is up and running 24/7
  • We fix bugs and issues
  • We update your content creating and updating new pages, blogs, posts e.t.c

What benefits can you expect for your businesses?

  • Turn more leads into sales
  • Attract new and retain existing Customers
  • Improve your customers experience on your website
  • Your website can stay ahead of your competition’s website
  • And the last one, which is so important, especially for small business, you can focus on what you do best.

What makes us different?

  • We are experts at WordPress
  • We do not focus on anything else apart from WordPress support
  • We do not tie you into long term contracts, the essential Word Press plan is a 30 day rolling contract
  • We respond quickly to requests
  • We are on the end of the telephone when you need us

Thank you for visiting our website. We look forward to supporting your website and helping you to grow your business online!

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Nigel and Laura

Nigel Nyatsanza

Laura Thrumble