Is your website still fit for purpose?

Ask yourself:

  • Is my site converting leads into sales?
  • Does my site have the best user experience
  • Is my site design still looking good?
  • Is my site loading fast?
  • Is my site secure?
  • Is it SEO optimised?
  • and so on….

As technology and user behaviour changes, your site needs to keep up. Your site might have worked well at one point. However because of the change in technology such as browsers, phones and customer expectations your website might not be working as best as you imagined. It might be even costing you business by turning customers away because of poor design, usability and user experience.

Starting price

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Good to know

Consultation call
Detailed Report
Discount rates on work needed
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We can help

Our website review will rigorously analyse your website to highlight what is working and what is not. We will review your website’s:

  • Design
  • Usability
  • Speed
  • Security
  • Call to actions
  • Forms (opt ins)
  • Bugs and issues

After reviewing your website we will:

  • Schedule a 30 minute call to discuss the results with you
  • Provide a report detailing what we have analysed
  • Provide improvements and recommendations

What you get


We review your site’s design to check whether it’s inline with your brand, colours, fonts e.t.c We also check whether it’s fresh, modern and up to date.We check the design on desktop, mobile and tablet devices.


We check the usability of your site from the homepage, to menus and the general navigation of your site. We analyse how easy or hard it is to find information on your site.


We run performance tests from different locations to test how fast your website loads. We will also review how fast it loads on mobile devices.

Security Check

We run security tests to check how secure your website is from attacks. We also check whether you are encrypting data being sent to and from your website.

Call to actions

We review and analyse your call to actions, these are buttons such as “Buy Now”, “Click here”, Request a quote” e.t.c. We check for effectiveness and placements to make sure they get the highest impact.

Forms (opt ins)

We review your website forms to make sure you are getting the information you need and to ensure they are user friendly. We also check for opt ins which are required under GDPR.

Bugs and Issues

We check for bugs and issues affecting your website. For example broken images, links, error messages, redirects .e.t.c


We detail the improvements you can make on your website.

Consultation Call

We have a 30 minute call to discuss what we have found out about your website and what you can improve.

Detailed Report

You get a report which details what we have tested and the results.

Discounted rates

If we do any work which is required you will get a discounted rate.

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